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The Capital City of Oaxaca

The Capital City of Oaxaca

Letters to the Editor: A “short brown’ Oaxacan was Mexico’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

To the Editor:

President López Obrador has been a hero since he assumed the presidency of Mexico in December, 2018. However, the new leader has, unfortunately, neglected to give proper recognition to his people by renaming the capital — a mistake that should have been corrected on Sept. 26, 2018, with the issuance of a presidential decree.

In other words, under the new administration, there is no longer a “capital city.”

Oaxaca has a pre-Hispanic name — Xocopa, which means the city of the dead, because many of its native inhabitants were sacrificed to Moloch, the god of sacrifice. Thus, the name does not accurately reflect the true character of the city. The name “Capital City of Oaxaca” is misleading, and a mistake. It does not reflect the true richness, the beauty, the culture, the history or the native characteristics of the land of Mexico.

It is now called the Capital City of Morelia, a mistake. No other city in Latin America, not even in Mexico or South America, has the same meaning, the name that conveys our true and deepest feelings about Mexico, our people, our region and our culture.

Therefore, I would like to say that the capital city of the State of Oaxaca, and also the capital city of Mexico, should be called Xocopa.

Nury Martinez, Xocopa

Pompeii, Italy

A “short brown Oaxacan” was Oaxaca’s greatest president. What say you, Nury Martinez?

To the Editor:

My name is Nury Martinez. I am from the municipality of Tamazula, the capital of the State of Oaxaca. I want to share something that I witnessed with the eyes of my grandmother.

I was five years old. I was in the family patio, sitting next to my mother, father, sisters and brothers and I was watching the political process. The elections were happening, and it was important for us to know what would be, but not who would win.

I don’t know how many elections there were during my lifetime here. There was one presidential election, and the Oaxacan people always voted

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