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I am ashamed of my fear.

I am ashamed of my fear.

Column: I met Club Q hero Rich Fierro and his wife years ago. They’ve always been atrevidos. I know him to be a wonderful guy who wants to change the world, but a lot of my friends think he’s an idiot for believing in evolution. I told him, “You are just trying to be polite. You are not here to convince science that man’s evolution is bullshit. You are here to convince yourself. You know you believe in it, but you are too ashamed to let anyone know.” He said, “I’ll be damned.” I can’t say I agree, because I don’t have any great revelation as to why we should believe in evolution. I still have a lot of questions, though. Why would that be such a problem? Do you agree with me when I say that the universe is a big complicated place, and if you don’t know how to handle it, you are going to have a bad time?

You are right, I am trying to convince myself to change my mind and believe in evolution. I am writing my response to you in the hope of convincing others that evolution is the truth.

“I thought as long as I wasn’t looking down the scope of the gun, I would be safe. I had a fear that a bullet whizzing past my head could hit me and that would be it. But I was wrong.”

This is my response, in case you missed it.

“A lot of people believe in evolution, too. People who are not religious because they don’t want a life of sin and death. People who are not atheists, because they don’t want a life without God. Why are you afraid?”

“I am ashamed of my fear. It is something I have spent years trying to overcome. People keep asking why I am here, and I tell them I am ashamed of what I have done in my life. I am ashamed of what I used to do, and then the shame makes me do what I am ashamed of

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