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Why Should Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Be Polled?

Why Should Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Be Polled?

A Poll Reversal Shows A New Hampshire Poll That Predicted Hillary Clinton Would Win With 54 Percent Of The Vote Had Not Been Correct

In what would have been a major blow to the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, a New Hampshire poll conducted in early March showed Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 18 points. Sanders was hoping that the poll would be a turning point in his candidacy, but the poll showed that the Vermont senator would win the primary with a little more than 49 percent of the vote. What followed was a political meltdown at the Democratic National Convention.

The poll results were immediately hailed by the Clinton campaign and then slammed by the Sanders campaign. The former Secretary of State is now attempting to blame Bernie’s victory on an FBI investigation into her campaign’s private email server and her husband’s private donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been at the receiving end of a slew of bad news recently, making her campaign seem like a top of the line product, and the Bernie Sanders camp, an even more impressive one. Their response to all of these unfavorable events has been to attack the Clintons with an intensity that is both predictable and overbearing.

The polls are all out and, as expected, the polls are all out. There are just as many polls on the Democratic side as there are on the Republican side and, even though their results don’t match up exactly with the polls, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate in polling the parties separately. Why shouldn’t these two parties be polled?

Clinton’s campaign can’t afford to alienate Bernie’s supporters if she wants to remain in the race. The polls showing her leading with a little over a third of the vote are likely to increase her margin to two or three points. That’s more than enough to keep the race alive. The polls are also likely to make it less likely that Bernie’s supporters will abandon him when the dust settles and, if they abandon him, there is no going back.


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