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Why Is Abortion a Right?

Why Is Abortion a Right?

Letters to the Editor: A nation of vasectomized men — did you envision this, antiabortion zealots? As an unvacuated man, I was not surprised. I had heard women would be the first to be denied access to birth control. Even the most radical feminists have to admit that they are pro-choice and don’t believe a woman has the right to kill their newborn, or even to self-seriously deny birth control.

My wife and I have been together almost 22 years. We have two children and a long-term relationship. We love each other and wish we had not had to live apart to avoid an abortion. We both want a full term pregnancy so we have no plans to have an abortion.

The only person who would make us want to kill our baby is my wife’s sister. She is the type who will tell you she loves babies as long as you buy her a new one, but will then murder them when she sees them. I did not expect this from my family, but at least I have friends who love us who won’t do something I believe will harm us.

The next time you hear about a potential abortion where I live, check for yourself. I know a lot about the horrors of abortion. My wife and I have been married for 22 years and she has made absolutely no secret about it. She thinks it is her God-given right to bring up children when she wants, and that her body is her temple. She also has the “right” to abort any baby with a heartbeat, even if they are in the womb. She is pro-life in both the physical and spiritual sense. We have decided to share our personal story with the rest of the state, and let them do the same. I am sorry if this is what people think we would do, but it is much more honest for her to speak out like this.

What does this have to do with abortion being considered a right and not a crime? No matter how it is phrased, abortion must have rights. A woman who has an abortion does not have a right to another baby’s birth. She has a right to her own body, her own health, her own life. No amount

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