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The Woman King Is a Feminist Argument

The Woman King Is a Feminist Argument

Opinion: What calls to boycott ‘The Woman King’ are really saying

This week, Netflix released the new and thrilling documentary “The Woman King.” The film claims to be a documentary about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, but it’s really another thinly veiled diatribe against women.

The film opens with an image of a smiling Hastings telling the story of how Netflix discovered The Beatles. Hastings sits in an executive chair with The Beatles, in their traditional red and blue, sitting in front of him. They are smiling.

They are also wearing pantsuit-style dresses and holding a martini (note: not a bottle of vodka for Hastings).

You have to listen to The Beatles to understand who he is talking about here.

Why? Because The Beatles have one of the most prominent voices in popular culture, and the only woman who is seen throughout the entire documentary.

The film makes it seem as though women should be grateful they are not working to change the world, and have no purpose in the world after they have passed their lives out of public view.

They have a purpose, however, of being a product they can sell.

In the film, The Beatles are shown telling an audience of all women that the reason they make it to the top is because they can.

In other words, it’s women’s fault that this has happened; women’s fault that The Beatles are still around.

And it’s not just a bad metaphor.

The idea that women should not have to work to change the world is a feminist argument. It’s an argument that feminists and men who are women are not allowed to use.

The argument is not the responsibility of men to change things, any more than women are the blame for needing to work. In fact, the argument is that one person cannot do any good in the world when he lacks the resources to change things.

It’s not the message of “don’t hate, don’

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