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The Vatican’s Art Museum Smashed Two Statues

The Vatican’s Art Museum Smashed Two Statues

American tourist smashes two sculptures in the Vatican

On Sunday, March 1, a woman named Giulia was attacked while she was visiting the Vatican. Apparently frustrated over her inability to get into a bar or nightclub, she decided to smash her two statues in the entrance of the museum, an art display that was designed to represent the city which she loves.

Guiliana, who had been in the museum for about 15 minutes when she smashed the statues, said she was looking for her phone and noticed the statues. After smashing the statues, she tried to open the doors and went inside several times but was unable to.

However, after she broke two doors, she was arrested. At first she said she did it simply to get to her phone, but then added how she did it because he was a male. She explained that the man had tried to harass her and that she did it because she was frustrated with him. She told the police that he was a male and she did it because he “wanted to molest me.” She said he was “making inappropriate gestures.”

After being arrested, Giuliana told the police that her name was Giuliana Vittoria. She said she was 23 years old and that she was the niece of the Pope. She was taken to the station and charged as she explained the charges: aggravated robbery of art and aggravated theft of art.

“We are aware of the incident and will take all necessary measures to ensure that a prosecution is carried out,” the head of the art at the Vatican said.

The museum had not commented on the incident so we don’t know the outcome. All we know is that the incident happened in the day museum was closing.

If you think you can smash two sculptures and then later say that the man who did it was a male and was making inappropriate gestures, you are in for a disappointment.

As for the Catholic Church, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Catholic Church, a church founded to combat the forces of evil that existed in the human race, would be more sensitive, more compassionate and more compassionate to the needs of its members than the actions of a woman who did not hesitate to break up at least two statues with her bare hands.

Unfortunately for the church, art has become a symbol of the human condition and, like religion, humanity has become more corrupted by the excesses

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