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The Transportation Authority of Orange County Resigns Six Top Officials

The Transportation Authority of Orange County Resigns Six Top Officials

Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies head resigns after investigation into alleged misconduct and questionable payouts

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It’s one of those things that you wish you could believe: that the Transportation Authority of Orange County would finally do the right thing, clean up its act and pay people fairly for the work they do.

That’s not what happened.

Orange County Transportation Authority officials on Monday announced the resignation of six top officials, including the acting executive director, the agency’s chief executive officer and its president, in the wake of an investigation into questionable contracts and potential wrongdoing by the agency.

The six officials were ousted from their roles in a 5-4 vote at a board meeting the day before the group held a special meeting to vote on the resignation of the agency’s executive director, the agency’s attorney, and its vice president of human resources and human resources director.

Although it was not immediately clear how much, if any, compensation the six officials who were pushed to the side will receive, the agency said it would begin to pay the six they leave Friday and continue to pay those who remain. Compensation for the six executives is still being determined, it said.

The six former executives were not present at Monday’s board meeting, although they could have been.

In a joint statement, the six and six departing officials said, “They came to work everyday determined to do everything they could to turn around the OC Transpo system, and they are deeply disappointed that the agency has fallen short of expectations.”

The six officials who resigned, said in a joint statement, had been “reprimanded and removed from their positions of authority due to the nature of the charges” against them.

The agency took no disciplinary action against any of the nine people who had been investigated, the agency said.

The six are:

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