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The Man Who Never Wants to Live the Life He Wants to Live

The Man Who Never Wants to Live the Life He Wants to Live

An ‘abnormal,’ monsoon-like weather pattern hits Southern California in early June, and by July the region will be experiencing its driest June on record.

“That’s kind of insane, man.”

The comment came from Jeff, a long-time resident of South Hills Village, where I was interviewing him.

That’s Jeff, the man who was once described by his neighbors as “that one guy who will always be a little too friendly” who, upon being asked what “happened” to his car, replied, “Oh, it was broken because it had been in the water.”

Now, Jeff’s story is nothing new. It’s more than an old story, but it feels familiar.

He’s the sort of person who, when he first walked into your yard, his first question would probably be, “Didn’t anyone tell you not to be walking around in your pajamas?” He’s the person who, upon seeing your home for sale, would most likely ask, “Wouldn’t you like to live in something a little nicer?”

Jeff has always felt things the way they are. He’s had his house for 30 years, but he’s still surprised all the time by all the things he can’t find in it.

His house is large, but his life feels small. A long list of things he cannot do in his house include anything to make it more comfortable — not that any of these things would make it less comfortable. He’s not interested in making things that make his house stand out or add to its allure.

He has never owned a cell phone, a fax machine, a television, or any other electronic device. He doesn’t believe that the life he wants to lead is possible without such things.

He has never had a pool in his backyard, never made his own clothes, and never made his own toys. He has never driven a car, used a computer, owned a camcorder, sold anything, written a book, made a meal or put his feet on the floor to live the life he wants to live.

If his life has to be defined by the way things seem or aren’t, he has no interest in making things that appear less than they are.

He’s not interested in making things that look

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