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The Jets’ Final Play

The Jets’ Final Play

For the Jets, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Sauce (Gardner)

For the Jets, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Sauce

I want to make this as clear as possible, as with all things Jets, a simple case of “too much sauce” never seemed to apply in the past. I had been reading a bunch of old comments from the Jets fan blogs of the early 2000’s when I first noticed the sudden surge in the quality of the fan blogosphere. What happened? The blog world was starting to get a little more intense? What happened? The world was more competitive, more intense? But this all went down a few years before the Jets had a winning season, a team that was still finding its way? The only thing that seemed to come to any sort of fruition was the team losing to the Patriots at Gillette.

In late November, I was asked to blog about a great Jets game I had witnessed on Nov 30, 2008. I spent the evening watching the game in New York City on TV with my wife. The game was an exciting defensive battle between the Jets and Patriots. The Jets had jumped out to an early lead, and were up, 19-3, with 5:15 to play. With 3 minutes to go, the Jets faced third and long in the end zone. We all knew what would happen, but how it actually unfolded we would learn during the game itself. The Jets called a few series of play action passes for the first down. The clock ran down, and the Patriots were able to punt.

The Jets called a few more play action passes, and the Patriots were called for holding on third and long. The Jets were then stuffed on the next series of play action passes. The Patriots’ 2nd down conversion failed and the Jets faced an incomplete pass on the final play of the game. The play calling was great in both series of the third and long, but it was the final play that was the critical one. The Patriots were able to run through the Jets secondary for 5 yards,

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