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The FBI reveals that ‘Sven’ planned to hire three people to kill his then-girlfriend

The FBI reveals that ‘Sven’ planned to hire three people to kill his then-girlfriend

Man who blamed girlfriend’s killing on anti-Asian hate was behind murder-for-hire scheme, police say – in Canada, at least

Mikayla Blackmon, 44, was the last victim of an elaborate plan to send one person to kill another, according to the National Post. After her death, her ex-husband was arrested on charges of murder and hate speech, the CBC reported.

A man suspected of launching the online crime spree, who goes by the screen name ‘Sven,’ is facing a long list of charges after the FBI revealed that he planned to hire three people to kill his then-girlfriend.

The National Post reported that the woman was actually murdered, because the first two men killed her.

One of the men, a Canadian citizen, shot her in the head and neck on Tuesday in a drive-by shooting in Burlington, Ontario, according to the Post.

The third man charged in the case, a native of New Zealand, has also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and hindering the investigation, although police are still trying to identify him.

Sven was apparently operating under the guise of a ‘griefer’, who posted a rant about the death of Blackmon on a Canadian Facebook page for the LGBTQ community.

The Post reported that on Wednesday, he shot a man he knew as ‘Dirty Dick,’ because he believed another man was stealing from him. The next day, he then drove to St. Albert, Alberta, where he killed another man who was reportedly his ‘best friend’.

Following in the footsteps of Jack, the last person on his list to be killed, he then drove to a parking lot near the University of Victoria where he was confronted by five people.

One of the people confronted was an innocent man who was driving down the road and, instead of killing him, ‘Sven’ shot him in the head with an Uzi.

The Post reported that the man whose head he hit

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