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Peter Safran and James Gunn to lead Warner Bros.’ DC Comics film division

Peter Safran and James Gunn to lead Warner Bros.’ DC Comics film division

James Gunn and Peter Safran named to lead DC Studios for Warner Bros.

DC Comics recently named directors Peter Safran and James Gunn to lead the company as new creative leads. The pair will take charge of the DC Entertainment division, Warner Bros’ DC Comics film division.

Gunn, who previously directed Guardians of the Galaxy, served as head of directorial affairs at DC Comics for five years. He has experience on both the big screen and small, with notable credits as a writer, producer, and director, including co-writing two of the DC Cinematic Universe’s most iconic films, Batman and Suicide Squad.

Safran, who served as an executive producer on Guardians, served as senior vice president at Warner Bros. Animation for four years prior to landing the position of director on Teen Titans Go! for Warner Animation Group. He has additional experience in directing, as well as an Emmy and ASC Award for directing feature films, including The Conjuring.

“I’m thrilled to be hired to lead DC Entertainment and the DC Comics Universe. I grew up watching my parents work in the animation industry and now I’m working for and with the same creative team at Warner Bros. that helped me get there for the first time myself,” Safran said.

In addition to the film series, Warner Bros. has a TV deal for DC Comics with the DC Entertainment Group. The studio’s first animated television series, Titans, launched in 2015. Titans will return for a second season in 2017. In 2017, in addition to the DC animated series, a DC Comics animated movie will be released.

Gunn’s most recent film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, grossed $825.7 million globally against a production budget of $150 million and earned over $100 million in domestic theaters. The movie debuted at No. 8 at the box office, earning $734.2 million worldwide, and earned Gunn an Academy Award nomination for Best Director and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director. The sequel grossed $1 billion at the box office.

“I’ve had the opportunity to direct and co-write two amazing blockbusters, and it’s been incredible to work with the terrific talent of James Gunn and Peter Safran

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