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London’s Best Places to Drink, Eat, Work and Chill

London’s Best Places to Drink, Eat, Work and Chill

Books About London That Take You Through the City at Night

We asked you for recommendations a year ago, and you were right: London is not exactly a city of light, or at least not during the day. We saw a lot of it last year, and the picture continues to get better.

If you’re in London and wondering what to do in the dark, we’ve got you covered with our picks for great places to eat, drink, work and chill all to yourself.

London’s Nightlife

We know that the city is already known for its nightlife and parties, but here are a few of our favourite little bars and pubs that you’ll actually see people being nice to each other before turning into drunken idiots.

1. Chiswick Club

The Chiswick Club is a massive bar and party space in Hampstead, but if you’re not in the mood for partying, you can still head inside and drink in comfort. Here, you’ll find an eclectic mix of food – we’re talking food from both the Asian and the French cuisines – with everything from beer garden to traditional pub classics.

2. Hogsback Coffee Company

We don’t know what it is about drinking a coffee on Hampstead Heath, but it’s a great place to while away an hour or so in London. The coffee is delicious and the location is the perfect spot for a quick bite, or even a few beers.

3. Red Lion Pub

Despite being a pub, the Red Lion is a really nice venue in itself. A really special event, by the way, has occurred in the pub on a few occasions – if you make a point to join us for our ‘Dinner with a Difference’, you’ll get to meet the people behind this brilliant restaurant.

4. Brickle

There’s a bit of something for everyone at Brickle. Whether you’re looking to stay dry and drink your booze, or want to take the chance and get plastered, you’re guaranteed a good time at this little bar and restaurant.

5. The Mill

This popular pub in Victoria has become a regular haunt for the Brits over the past 20 years. There’s a

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