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Lance McCullers Don’t Pitch in the World Series

Lance McCullers Don’t Pitch in the World Series

World Series Lance McCullers Says He Was Not Tipping Pitches in Game 3

NEW YORK — On any given day Lance McCullers thinks back to the night before the Boston Red Sox opened the 2010 American League pennant series against the Baltimore Orioles.

McCullers remembers taking batting practice before the game and coming to the realization that he didn’t pitch in the game. He did not pitch in the game because he tipped pitches in game three of the World Series.

“I was doing batting practice with the first team and I thought I’d pitch, pitch and pitch and never pitch again,” McCullers told The Fan590.

But after a day of rest for the team he said he didn’t pitch again because he went to his room on the team bus on the way to Baltimore.

“Yeah I told coach I’m not pitching,” McCullers said. “There was no reason to pitch me. I went to my room and I just tried to get my mind off of it.”

In April he talked to a reporter about that first year at Fenway Park and he said he didn’t pitch because he didn’t want to.

“I didn’t want to pitch, especially in the World Series,” McCullers said. “Why tip? That’s baseball. If I tipped it, the other team would have hit the crap out of me. I didn’t tip it because, for me, it was one of those things where I was pitching the game and I was not pitching because I wanted to, not because I had to.”

One of his pitchers said he would tip his pitches because he did it all the time.

“Yeah, it’s something you do a lot of, one of those things that you do all the time because you want to take the pressure off that ball and be able to be a little more relaxed,” McCullers said. “The thing is you want to make a pitch that is worth two outs. You want to have

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