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Kanye West’s Faith Is a Question of Faith

Kanye West’s Faith Is a Question of Faith

Kanye West assails Jews, abortion in new interview with Lex Fridman

Kanye West was once a favorite with Jewry. He was invited to perform at the very special Israeli Kabbalah Festival in 2017. He wrote his infamous Yeezus album with three Jews, and he attended his first Jewish wedding, with his girlfriend, in 2000. He now, at the age of 43, is on a mission to destroy Jews. In his much-anticipated interview with Lex Fridman of the website, West spoke about religion, abortion, and his latest album, “The Life of Pablo.”

“I got into Kabbalah, because I love music,” he says. “It’s very deep. It’s very spiritual. It’s very powerful — and I’m not gonna lie — it’s a very heavy subject matter… I’m gonna be very honest about this. I know what it means to be a Jew, to be Jewish, to be loyal to your faith. I know what it means to be a Zionist. My father was a Zionist. He was a good man… I can honestly say that I don’t understand what that means. I don’t know what that means to be Jewish. That’s my issue.”

West is being honest with Fridman, who is a reporter at the site. In fact, it is precisely the very topic of religion that West feels the most comfortable and most honest with. To be a “good man,” he notes, is the most important attribute for being loyal to your faith. Kanye’s father was a man of belief. He died in a plane crash at the age of 49 — and West’s own faith was tested.

According to West, when you become “spiritual,” or when you find yourself being “very religious,” you often become “just another piece of shit to them.” And he says:

I don’t know what it means to be black and a

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