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I think affirmative action is hurting the whole country

I think affirmative action is hurting the whole country

Commentary: Ending affirmative action won’t level the playing field. It took me over 30 years to do that for my family.

I think that in some ways, affirmative action is really only hurting us in the short term. It’s putting more pressure on young minorities and people from other countries just starting out to have the same opportunities as young white people. I think affirmative action is hurting the whole country.

In the long term, however, I think if we don’t end affirmative action, we will wind up with this same situation. I think we have to give people the first right to be competitive in the workplace. We have to make it a competition.

If you don’t give people a fair chance to compete in the workplace, I think there’s going to end up being a lot of minorities who get passed over. I think if we don’t give young people a fair shot, it’s not going to make it better for younger people or for minorities.

The first person I thought of in the movie was the guy in the first car. I think he was black, but he was very attractive. The first time I saw the movie, I thought he was beautiful. I thought he had everything. He was in top notch clothes, he was in good shoes, he was in a beautiful car. I thought he was the most attractive man I’d ever seen. I thought it was a real shame that he had to fight that much just to even have a chance to be considered as the first black candidate to run for president.

That’s right.

One day I was sitting in the kitchen just feeling bad because I was the only white kid on the field who didn’t play at all in the game. I was not part of the team. I was sitting there thinking about that kid, when I started to think that maybe he was like me and he was fighting to get on the field. I started to think that maybe he didn’t get to play that day. That was how I ended up on the field playing.

We made our mistakes. It was a long time ago, but I still think that if I had played that day, I probably don’t do anything different. I still think that I’d still do

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