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Hugh Hefner’s Daughter Tells Us About His Second Marriage

Hugh Hefner’s Daughter Tells Us About His Second Marriage

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Updated 8:40 am, Friday, May 27, 2017

(CNN)Hugh Hefner famously said, “Work hard. Play harder.” And for decades, the late sex symbol took inspiration from his own philosophy — and turned it into his life philosophy.

He spent the first 20 years of his career making a point of staying at his hotel, writing in red ink, and meeting men for sexual purposes. But from there, his life took a turn that saw him marry his wife, Elizabeth, and have children with her.

In fact, that was the end of his relationship with his first two wives, which included an extramarital affair in his mid-30s, a source tells CNN.

And by the time he met her while working on the second Playboy cover, he had already lived with his second wife, Crystal Combs, for close to 10 years.

But he wasn’t finished with his second marriage.

He met his third wife, Darlene, on a date and after a dinner party, and they married in 1993.

But then again, things did not turn out the way he wanted — and his relationship with Darlene didn’t even take off.

In January of 2017, Hugh and Darlene’s divorce became official, but they reconciled with each other, according to People Magazine.

And, now, thanks to his daughter, Isabella, the world knows: The Playboy founder met his third wife, Darlene Combs, a year after he met Crystal Combs.

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And in a new interview with People Magazine, Hugh’s daughter described her relationship with her parents while in the same household as his wife, Darlene — despite all the gossip and his own divorce.

“I love my dad, and I love my dad’s wife. We’re from the same family and we’ve known each other since we were little,” Isabella Combs, 29, told the magazine. “I get along great with my mom, and I love my stepmom. We just have different things we want to accomplish and different things we want to do and we work things out together.”

As for her father, she said: “He’s just

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