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Hillary Clinton’s lawyer tells federal judge she was attacked by a street preacher

Hillary Clinton's lawyer tells federal judge she was attacked by a street preacher

NYC jogger raped hours before Hillary Clinton accuses New York GOP of scaring voters about crime | ‘I wasn’t scared’

The Associated Press – Oct 3, 2016 – 11:35 am

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton’s lawyer told a federal judge Friday that the former secretary of State said she was attacked by a street preacher and offered no more details about the alleged attack hours afterward.

The lawyer, Bruce J. Ennis, called the allegations — published in the New York Times after a two-week FBI investigation — “inconceivable” and said Clinton was “a victim of a very real assault” that included “some kind of assault while jogging. … Nothing happened while she was running. … She was just jogging.”

The judge, Colleen McMahon, scheduled an appointment for Tuesday to re-examine the evidence that has been gathered in the case.

Heather Podesta, a senior adviser for Clinton’s presidential campaign, said nothing had changed in her views on the issue of violence toward voters in New York City neighborhoods.

“The New York Police Department has been extremely clear in its recommendations regarding voting practices and the need to be respectful of voters’ privacy, and we always have and always will believe the best way to honor the voters who will participate in our democratic process is to do so in an even-handed and respectful manner,” Podesta said in a statement issued after a brief media availability in Manhattan.

Podesta also said she was “very troubled” by the Times article, the “troubling allegations” and by the fact that Clinton had been described by some as not “in the best position to defend herself against that.”

The Times said Clinton was jogging in the New York borough of Brooklyn on Aug. 26 after taking time off for the Democratic National Convention. When about 4:45 a.m. the next day, she came upon a street preacher in a backcountry park.

He “grabbed her right by the waist and twisted it up into his right hand,” the newspaper reported. “He then forced her into the center of the street — her left ankle pinned beneath her right thigh — and she stumbled, with the pastor still on top of her, onto the street in front of hundreds of others jogging nearby.”

The Times then said that Clinton said he then grabbed her again by the waist and then “kissed her on the mouth.”

She said she was “

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