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DoJ Redacts FBI Agent’s Report Disclosing Lead FBI Witness

DoJ Redacts FBI Agent's Report Disclosing Lead FBI Witness

Justice Dept. Offers Immunity to Kash Patel for Testimony in Documents Case

Says Patel’s “Volunteerism” Is Not Exculpatory

The Department of Justice released a redacted version of the report prepared by an FBI agent who interviewed the lead FBI witness in the leak case. The redacted report was first filed in May 2013. The unredacted version of the report was made public last week.

The redacted version of the report is nearly identical to the unredacted version. It is only a few pages long.

The unredacted report reveals that the lead FBI witness in this case is currently in touch with the DOJ’s office of professional responsibility. The DOJ’s office of professional responsibility, however, did not issue an opinion on whether or not the witness’ testimony was truthful. The DOJ is not aware of any discipline placed upon a former FBI agent who is alleged to have lied during his testimony.

The redacted version of the report also confirms the lead FBI witness told the FBI that he was “favorable to the prosecution.” However, there is no indication that the witness has been disciplined as a result of this assertion.

Although this new disclosure is significant, it is not in any way exonerating of the lead FBI witness’ testimony. In fact, the DOJ’s decision to redact the report could be interpreted as a tacit admission that the witness did not tell the truth in the first place.

The report states that “the most important part of the interview” happened “only once,” during the night of March 25, 2012 — six months after the leak case began — when the lead FBI witness was being debriefed. The lead FBI witness did not indicate under oath that he lied to the FBI.

In fact, he said under oath that he told the truth.

In the morning of March 26, 2012, the lead FBI witness was debriefed for nearly another one and a half hours. During that session, he spoke of his meetings that very day with Kash Patel, who was arrested on March 26, 2012, by the FBI. Both the lead FBI witness and the government’s office of professional responsibility have redacted portions of the report pertaining to this interview.

The lead FBI witness described Patel as having “volunteers” at his company. The FBI interviewed Patel on March 29, 2012. Patel

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