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Brian Cashman Accepts GM of the Year Award

Brian Cashman Accepts GM of the Year Award

At GM Meetings, Brian Cashman discusses Aaron Judge and Yankees Needs

Brian Cashman has addressed the media for the first time since his team’s trade deadline debacle and Aaron Judge has responded with his typical combination of poise, humility and eloquence after accepting the GM of the Year award.

Cashman was given the choice of not giving him the award by the Players’ Tribune in hopes of a player-owner reconciliation or handing the award to Judge. Judge accepted the award without comment and it was announced at the player’s locker room. Judge later tweeted that he thought “it was a nice gesture for @cashman18 from @NYPost”.

Cashman was asked about Judge’s future and he explained that he was not the right fit for the Yankees and that Judge does not fit in with the way he manages. He also admitted that he wanted to make the deal to get Judge because he thought it would be better for his team than handing the award to Judge.

“This award is in honor of a player who gave his all every day, every game, every game in a season,” Cashman said. “We all know him as one of the most consistent players in baseball every time he stepped on the field and he did it with the Yankees and he made that sacrifice for us. This is a very special award for the manager as well. We had that same conversation a number of times in the room. We both know that as a player with a career of more than 10 years, we’re a better team because of Brian, Aaron, and their efforts.”

Cashman gave his reasons for trading Judge.

“I would say that Judge does not fit with the way I want to play the game and I don’t fit within my management philosophy. I’d also say that there’s a question of consistency. I’ve said many times throughout the year that when you look at a player, when you look at a team

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