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7 Things I’m Trying to Improve in Brazil

7 Things I’m Trying to Improve in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro Fast Facts – Facts you need to know

1. I was elected in October 2018 on a promise to “reform the criminal justice system,” and I’ve kept my word. As a result, here are the seven areas I am trying to revise and improve:

2. Brazil’s murder rate dropped from 1,079 per 100,000 people in 2014 to 611 in 2018. The country is now the world’s fifth most dangerous, behind only Cuba, Iran, Eritrea, and Afghanistan.

4. Brazil has a low homicide rate per capita compared to other countries. In comparison to China, Brazil’s rate is five times lower.

5. Brazil is one of the few countries that has a homicide rate that has not gone up — although that rate has increased over the last decade.

6. Homicide happens a lot, but we’ve seen a reduction in the overall number of homicides in Brazil. From a record of 1.86 million in 2014 to 890,000 in 2018, there is actually a reduction in the number of homicides in Brazil compared to other countries.

7. Brazil has a very small percentage of people incarcerated (fewer than one in 12, which is similar to the ratio in the United States).

Facts about Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro has made a name for himself in the national media as a strong conservative and anti-corruption crusader, whose policies are very much in line with the Brazilian conservative ideology. He has also been a fierce opponent of the World Cup. Despite all the hype about him and being on the front pages of newspapers in the United States and around the world (for good reasons), his political ideology is far from conservative.

Unlike many of his conservative predecessors, his primary ideology focuses on the protection and strengthening of the country’s right-wing economic interests, which he said are “a natural, immutable foundation of Brazilian development.”


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